Eva Karera

19 scenes

Hair color
Black Hair
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Small Ass
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Big Tits
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Trimmed, Innie
Date of Birth
May 6, 1979
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Medium Skin
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Eva Karera is a busty Belgian beauty that has been making dicks hard worldwide since her debut back in 2007. With over 100 films to her credit, more than 40 of those from her first 18 months in the industry alone, she's built up an impressive fan base. Her fans love her for her big fake tits, her pouty dick-sucking lips, and her sensual, elegant beauty. And even though she's known as one of the anal and double penetration Queens of the internet these days, she wasn't always a porn star. Eva left her native Belgium to live in both Turkey and Egypt before finally settling in Los Angeles, working such mundane jobs as scuba instructor and fashion boutique owner. Eventually, she tried out lingerie modeling, which woke up the exhibitionist inside her. Before long, she was in the city of angels getting fucked hard by the biggest dicks in the business. So if you like big tits, sexy accents, and anal, make sure to check out the beautiful Eva Karera!

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