Seth Gamble

12 scenes

Hair color
Brown Hair
Age group
Body type
Average Body
Date of Birth
February 10, 1988
Birth Location
ZZ Rank

Handsome and talented Seth Gamble is well known in the industry as being hard-working and reliable. Adored by the ladies for his beautiful face and killer body, Seth is one smoking hot performer. His entrance to the industry was preceded by being a mainstream and runway model with various high end agencies. His time as an exotic dancer gives him skills with his hips that leave women cross-eyed. A jock and a bit of a bad boy in school, Seth had to grow up fast and has his eyes set on his goals. He puts his friends and family first, and hopes to have a wife and beach house someday. It seems that if a movie has been a blockbuster; Seth has been in a parody of it. From Luke Skywalker to Grindhouse to Thor, Seth is an unstoppable rising Superstar. In 2011, Seth was awarded with the AVN Award for Best Male Newcomer, and has secured the XBIZ Award for best Actor in Comedy for 2013.

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